Tokmanni - undervärderad värdeaktie?

Thank you Antti for your notes!

Are you familiar with DollarStores private labels? How much of their sales come from private label?

This sounds very promising. I wonder if we´re going to see more acquisitions like ClickShoes, which increase the product range, or acquisition of smaller low cost chains?

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The private label accounts about 25 % of Dollarstore’s sales and about 30 % of Tokmanni’s, and focus is to increase that level.

CEO Mika Rautiainen comment on the CMD that in Finland Tokmanni is not looking further retail chain acquisitions. In Finland, Tokmanni will grow by opening new stores. However, it is possible that Tokmanni buys some brands like they did last year when they bought Catmandoo, which is supporting Tokmanni’s clothing sales. I assume that in other markets they are open to M&A.

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Had a discussion with @arttu.heikura about Tokmanni in light of the recent strategy update and internationalisation plans! :shopping_cart:

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Här är en analys av Tokmanni. :slight_smile:

Är framgång i sikte med hjälp av Dollarstore?

Tokmanni’s Q4 report was in line with expectations in terms of operational items. The integration of Dollarstore has progressed well and the company has shown the first concrete signs of synergy benefits. We see a slight reduction in the company’s risk level due to a faster-than-expected decrease in the debt position and positive integration news.

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Tokmanni rapporterar sina resultat för första kvartalet på fredag omkring kl. 8:00 och här är analytikerns tankar kring detta. :slight_smile:

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Pinfärska tankar ang. Tokmannis Q1:a
“Bumps in the growth story”:

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