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Så har jag tolkat detta, men mycket beror på hur mycket och till vem.
Det skall inte få ske för mycket dilution i aktien, vilket brukar vara problem i vissa tech bolag. En annan sak är ju till vem aktierna delas ut och med vilka grunder. Grunderna borde vara i linje med att skapa värde till aktieägarna och det kan kräva att man motiverar arbetstagarna/ledningen att hållas kvar i bolaget.

Men om t.ex VD:n får alldeles för mycket “gratis” aktier så lönar det sig att fråga sig är det i linje med att skapa värde till ägarna.

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Dear all,

my name is Emmi Berlin and I represent Gofore’s IR team. First, apologies for not being able to discuss Gofore på svenska well enough. However, I understand it so feel free to continue in your chosen language.

Going forward, if you have any questions specifically for the company directly, please tag me to ensure I see the question and answer it if possible.

Next up on our IR calendar is the Q3 result on 19 October so we’ve just gone into our silent period. Hope you have all found our IR website that includes the financial calendar and much more:

Hoping to see active discussion and a growing Gofore community here :slight_smile:

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Hello @emmiberlin :sunglasses:

It’s really great to see you writing here.

This might be a bit of a funny question, but I’ve heard and read a lot about how Gofore is an excellent employer. This is important because when employees are happy, they tend to be more productive, creative, and so on. There are many other benefits too, like attracting top talents.

How have you managed to achieve such high employee satisfaction? Is it things like pool tables and comfortable break rooms? :upside_down_face:

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Here’s where to find out more about our culture and working life action:

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Hi @emmiberlin , it´s great to have you here! :slight_smile:

I got a few questions,

  1. How does Gofore adjust it´s business to the rising boom of AI. Have you recruited AI talent and expanded your product offering to AI? Are the customers in general asking for AI solutions? What kind of opportunities could AI bring to Gofore?

  2. Gofore seems to have expanded successfully to Germany and I must congratulate you for that. It´s definitely not an easy step to take. Since this seems to have gone successfully are you looking into new areas to expand to or are you focusing on growing in Germany & Austria? If you are focusing on the that area, what´s the growth strategy, organic or acquisitions?

  3. What´s going on in Gofore Spain and Italy, I didn´t even know you had offices there!? :grinning: Are they serving local clients or helping the teams in Northern / Middle Europe?

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Thanks for your good questions @Lillen - We are on silent mode at the moment so I will revisit these after our Q3 report comes out on 19 October.

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