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Valmet är en teknisk leverantör inom massa-, pappers- och energiindustrin. Tjänster och produkter som erbjuds innefattar tryckmaskiner, reservutrustning, konditionstester av maskiner och automationsservicelösningar. Utöver huvudverksamheten erbjuds även eftermarknadsservice och utbildning. Verksamhet innehas på global nivå, med störst hemmamarknad inom Norden.

Här är en utmärkt kvalitetsanalys av Valmet som är gratis. :slight_smile:

The overall picture in Valmet’s Q4 report turned positive thanks to surprisingly strong guidance for the current year. We made slight organic upgrades to our forecasts for this year and included the acquisition of Siemens’ gas chromatography business, which is expected to be completed in early Q2.

@Pia_Maljanen ja @antti.viljakainen pratade om Finlands stolthet, Valmet. :slight_smile:


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03:02 Expectations for 2024
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If I’ve understood correctly, Valmet’s forestry industry customers are struggling, and the outlook remains grim. Demand is low, forcing Valmet and its competitors to compete on pricing.

There’s no prospect of organic growth, or at least not significantly.

There are ongoing global events, such as conflicts – for instance, Russia’s increasing influence in the Middle East indirectly impacting the situation in the Suez Canal. China, lacking domestic demand, is exporting its industrial products at lower prices abroad. I don’t mean to imply that these factors specifically affect Valmet, but it seems like there’s just a stream of bad news, with any positive aspects being already known and expected.

In my opinion, Valmet’s stock isn’t particularly cheap when considering the future. I only see new challenges in addition to the existing ones, and not opportunities.

What are the thoughts of others on this?

Thank you in advance for your responses. :slight_smile: