Modulight - a Biomedical Laser Company


We’ve recently released an Initiation of Coverage Report on Modulight. Modulight is a laser company focused on biomedical, medical, and life science applications. The company grew profitably during the previous decade and is now looking to get back on that track after some recent difficulties. The full report is availabe to all readers freely. Feel free to ask any questions you may have on the investment case and please remember to tag my name to avoid missing your question.
-Antti, Analyst, Life Sciences

Our most recent company update following Q1:

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After Antti’s comments and report, my message probably doesn’t provide much additional value, but maybe I can reflect on it briefly?

Previously, Modulight apparently had some sort of “evidence” of profitable growth, but nowadays the future of Modulight seems more uncertain, and it’s difficult to say how the projects will likely turn out.

If I were to buy the company’s shares, it would require the company to succeed in certain aspects of commercialization and improve its ability to ensure future prospects.

And what’s tempting about this is that it’s a future-oriented industry that is only growing. :slight_smile:

I will continue to follow the company, especially based on Antti’s writings.