Fasadgruppen - Serial acquirer of exterior construction companies

Fasadgruppen is missing a company thread, lets get one started! On this video we go through the company’s equity story :point_down:

Fasadgruppen in short

According to Fasadgruppen they are the Nordic region’s largest and Sweden’s only nation-wide full-service provider of sustainable façades. In simple terms, they build and renovate building exteriors. Fasadgrouppen consists of a large number of local entrepreneurial companies, with largest focus in Sweden, but sizeable operations also in Norway and Denmark. Fasadgruppen has also started their expansion to Finland.

Value creation approach

Fasadgruppen seeks to get the good sides of being a large company (better-priced volume deals with suppliers, broader service offering) and small company (group consisting of decentralised entrepreneurially run units with high degree of autonomy).

The company’s strategy and capital allocation approach is one of a serial acquirer. With existing business creating cash flow (and constant optimizations being made to be more efficient), this cashflow is reallocated to acquisitions of more local entrepreneurial companies. Acquisitions are mainly made to either broaden the group’s service portfolio or reach new geopgrahical areas.

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DISCLAIMER : At the time of writing this message , Fasadgruppen is not in Inderes research coverage. So this post is written from a higher level view and not with the typical depth of knowledge which we have for companies we cover (and would have spent ~2 months researching when starting coverage). :slight_smile:

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Direktlänk till dagens telefonkonferens + presentation av Q4’23:

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En Q1:a som historiskt sett upprepar sig för Fasadgruppen. Det första kvartalet brukar vara tufft och i det stora hela inte utgöra en stor del av helårets resultat. Minskad omsättning men stark orderstock.

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Intervju med VD Martin Jacobsson efter att Fasadgruppen publicerat sin Q1 rapport.

Har du frågor kring Fasadgruppen? Ställ de gärna här så kan vi diskutera bolaget tillsammans! :slight_smile:

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