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I figured I’d start a topic on Alma Media, which could be considered as a small Schibsted from Finland. Alma Media has been a media company with a long history in Finland. Due to the turning point in the media business the company has transferred in to new business and as of today marketplaces for e.g. recruiting, housing and mobility bring most of their net sales and profits.

I’ve done and extensive report on the company in English and all research is provided also in English so you can follow our material on the company page.

Here is the link to the latest extensive report:

If you have questions regarding the company feel free to ping me.

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The company has three segments:

Alma Consumer includes consumer-focused internet “marketplace operations” in housing and automotive sectors.

The largest segment in terms of revenue is Alma Career, which focuses on recruitment business.

Under Alma Talent, there are major Finnish financial media, etc.

Regarding this Talent, I’m pondering how it will fare in the future… with the decline in revenue from print media and the constant emergence of new “media” and entities that replace such operators. How will the “old media” under Talent fare against various new entrants in the future—increasingly, it seems that news is being followed more from elsewhere than through traditional channels?

Inderes seems to have a positive outlook on this company… and it pays dividends, which Finnish people love! :heart:


Thank you in advance for the response!

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På bolagssidan finns en hel del info, även om inte alla analyser är översatta. Till exempel RR: historisk utveckling + estimat:

Även detsamma dvs historisk överblick + estimat gällande gällande lönsamhet + avkastning på kapital

Även ögongodis för alla siffernördar :slight_smile: med snabb värderingsöverblick :slight_smile:

På bolagssidorna återfinns även bl.a. pressmeddelanden, webcastsändningar och finansiell kalender.

Alma Medias bolagssida finner du här:

Om du önskar information om andra bolag: Skriv in bolagsnamnet i sökfunktionen överst på sidan : )!

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Co. Head of Research has conducted an analysis on Alma. :slight_smile:

Alma Media will publish its Q1 report next Friday at around 8:00 am EEST. We forecast the company’s EBIT to decline slightly year-on-year, in line with the weaker market environment. We expect the company to reiterate its guidance for the current year, which is also expected by consensus. We have updated our forecasts to reflect the change in the company’s segment structure, but our earnings forecasts for the coming years are virtually unchanged.


Här är en ny bra analys av företaget. :slight_smile:

The overall picture of Alma Media’s Q1 report was quite neutral, as the Q1 figures were well in line with our expectations and the 2024 guidance was also repeated as we expected. Considering this, we made no substantial changes to our forecasts for this or the coming years. In the short term, the company suffers from the slow market, but the company’s flexible cost structure allows it to defend its earnings level until growth picks up.

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Bättre information om företaget kan en investerare inte få. Här finns cirka 40 sidor lättläst och väl underbyggd information om Alma Media. Det är väl värt att läsa! :slight_smile:

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