Aiforia - Automating pathology with image recognition software

@Antti_Luiro ja @Frans-Mikael_Rostedt share their thoughts on Aiforia, which announces its H2 results on Thursday. :slight_smile:

Aiforia, a software company automating pathology with AI, will publish its H2 report on Thursday at around 9 am EET. We expect the company’s revenue to continue to grow strongly as deployment to new customers in clinical segments progresses. Growth investments continue to keep the result at a clear loss, but we expect the earnings trend to be reversed and the loss to decrease from the comparison period. In addition to the growth figures, we focus on the progress of clinical customer deployment, order book development and comments on the 2024 outlook. We do not believe that the company will provide guidance due to the low predictability of the business, even if it would be a clear signal of the company’s confidence in its own growth.